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3. Mitch ft. Arp – Rude Boy Reggae

Friday, December 14th, 2012

This version come from 2004 on the Powerstone Label and is produced by Noel Davy (I think the M. Davy credited on the label isĀ  typo), the keyboardist from the original Sleng Teng riddim in 1985.

Noel Davy - Killing Thing (Powerstone)

Noel Davy – Killing Thing (Powerstone)

The Powerstone label, seemingly set up by Davy and consisting solely of 41 versions of Sleng Teng, seems to have been a way for Davy to capitalise on the huge success of his biggest tune, one which it is likely he only received a small musicians fee for at the original session at Jammy’s.

[EDIT: Tony Asher was the musician on the original Jammys Sleng Teng. Davey just discovered the riddim on the Casio. Even more reason for him to release his own version to capitalise on the success of the riddim]

In this 2011 article in Jamaica’s Daily Gleaner, the writer notes that:

There has not been much debate about the key figures in the moment in Waterhouse, St Andrew, keyboard player Noel Davey, singer Wayne Smith and producer Lloyd ‘King Jammy’ James. Of the three, however, Davey is the least known and acknowledged – although he tells a story of the Sleng Teng creation in which he was the major player, literally and figuratively.

Here, in a short video clip from 2001, Davy plays Sleng Teng on the Casio MT-40 keyboard which inspired the riddim originally:

As regards to the A-side, I quite like the singjay style but don’t know much about either of the singers…

Mitch ft. Arp - Rude Boy Reggae (Powerstone)

Mitch ft. Arp – Rude Boy Reggae (Powerstone) A-side