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12. Wayne Wonder – You Send The Rain Away

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Following on from Jean Adebambo’s beautiful singing in post #11, here is Wayne Wonder doing his best to massacre Rebbie Jackson and Robin Zander’s 1986 song, You Send The Rain Away.

Can’t say the original does much for me, and neither does Wayne Wonder’s cover from 1989 on Lloyd Dennis’s Pickout Records label. It’s a shame because the version on the B-side is a stomping digital cut interspersed with orchestral synth stabs which could be great if accompanied by a suitable vocal. I’ll just have to keep a lookout for other Pickout versions.

Wayne Wonder - You Send The Rain Away (Pickout, 1989)

Wayne Wonder - Version (Pickout , 1989)


6. Hugh Griffiths – Honey, Honey

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

On this version Hugh Griffiths covers The Manhattans’ Honey, Honey, released in 1981 on Columbia Records and written by Earl King Jr.


Here Griffiths sings over the Top Rank Gang’s version of Sleng Teng, seemingly released in 1985 (neither the 7″ nor the riddim LP have a date, but a rerelease (?) is dated 1985). The vocal and dub both have a slightly mellow feel to them, as do most of the other vocals on this version.

Hugh Griffiths - Honey, Honey (Top Rank) - A

Hugh Griffiths – Honey, Honey [Top Rank, 1985]

Top Rank Gang - Honey Dub (Top Rank) - B

Top Rank Gang – Honey Dub [Top Rank]