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18. Sugar Minott – Jammin in the Street

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Sugar Minott was one of the first DJs to have a Sleng Teng vocal released, appearing on King Jammy’s 1985 Sleng Teng Extravaganza pt. 2¬†with Jam in the Street. The version here, also from 1985, is on Minott’s own Black Roots label. In 1986 he released an album of the same name on the Wackies label, featuring a different version of the title track that departs entirely from the two Sleng Teng cuts.

The vocal cut starts with a bizarre WWII intro with machine gun effects – in this telling, the war seems to start ten years later, “September 1948, Germans recruit their armies”. The machine gun effects and screams continue through out the song, over the same lyrics as on the original Jammy’s version, with Sugar singing about rude boys fighting police in the streets and hoping that the police don’t search his house and find his big bag of weed.


On the dub side, we get the same “September 1948” intro, and “duggu duggu” machine gun effects interspersed throughout the song, and the odd dive-bombing impression. For me, the original Jammy’s version works better with the harsh picture of ghetto warfare depicted in the lyrics – the WWII sound effects make it all sound a bit cheesy. Still a decent version though, and in any case Sugar Minott is a fantastic singer.