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21. Junior Tucker – Don’t U Touch My Baby

Friday, October 20th, 2017

Got about another 20 versions been sitting on a hard drive for a year, so here’s Junior Tucker’s 1993 tune Don’t U Touch My Baby. If you like jungle you’ll recognise the opening that was sampled a year later in the tune Warning  by Firefox (Roni Size) and 4-tree (his brother) – it also samples Shabba Ranks.

Junior Tucker was born in ’66 and – according to Wikipedia – recorded his first release aged 7. The first release on Discogs is from 1975 – as Little Junior Tucker – which would still make him only 9 years old. After a spell in New York (studying audio engineering) and London (for a short-lived contract with Virgin), he returned to Jamaica in 1991 and made dancehall through the 90s. He later became a born again Christian and moved to Florida, where he started making gospel and became a minister. In 2015 he returned to Kingston and opened his own church.

Here’s the 7″, produced by Danny Brownie for Main St.

Junior Tucker - Don't Touch My Baby

Don't Touch My Baby Version

Discogs: 7″, 12″ b/w Pinchers