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4. Olive Ranks – 85 Shack

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Visiting Sounds of the Universe recently I came across 3 versions of Sleng Teng on Hi Power Music. The Olive Ranks version seems to be from 1985, with two new versions from 2012 on the riddim by Blackout JA and Mikey General.

I can’t find any information about Olive Ranks online, and as far as I can see this is the only release she appears on.

85 Shack

Olive Ranks – 85 Shack

I assume 85 Shack is actually 85 Shock, with 1985 being the year Sleng Teng was first released.
In the lyrics Olive references Sting Me A Sting, Shock Me A Shock by Patrick Andy, one of the versions on the original Jammys ’85  Sleng Teng.

85 Shack Version
85 Shack Version

The version is credited to The High Power Gang, with a slightly dubby mix from Peter Chemist.