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14. Clement Irie – DJs In My Country

Monday, September 9th, 2013

And after wishing I had better version of the Pickout Sleng Teng, what should I come across in Reckless – Clement Irie’s DJs In My Country. It’s the same ’89 version produced by Lloyd Dennis and featuring Steely & Clevie, but it feels much more rounded than Wayne Wonder’s Rebbie Jackson cover. Where Wayne Wonder’s vocal doesn’t seem to fit the riddim at all, Clement Irie offers up some more standard DJ fare, riding the riddim far more comfortably.

Clement Irie - DJs In My Country [Pickout, 1989]

“I gwan tell you bout some DJ in my country / Who ram stage show an cork up party” intones Clement, before cycling through a roster of 1989’s popular DJs and disparaging them in various ways based on their lyrics.  One example references Papa San’s 1986 Animal Party: “Everybody know say San a de animal man / But me never know so til me go Clarendon / Him have a lot of animal pon de land /  Like goat, sheep and also ram.”

Elsewhere he calls out Red Dragon, Daddy Lizard, Flourgan, Sanchez, Tiger, Major Mackerel, Ninjaman, Dominic, Jim Irie, Junior Demus, Early B and Peter Metro.

I have a big soft spot for lyrics which reference reggae/dancehall history, so I’m already drawn to this tune – but in any case Clement Irie has a good, energetic flow and humorous lyrics.

The version is the same version as on the Wayne Wonder track, although this recording is slightly crisper.

13. John Wayne & Colonel Lloydie – Kill A Sound For Me

Monday, September 9th, 2013

“This is a case of emergency” Colonel Lloydie says in a computer voice at the start of this track, before launching into a parody of Tenor Saw’s Pumpkin Belly, one of the most famous Sleng Teng versions – altering Tenor Saw’s memorable lyrics to “How dubplate war go a sound bwoy belly / Don’t ask me that ask my sound posse / From all over the country / Dem said Lord dem never know / Dem said Lord dem never know / That my sound a really bad sound”.

John Wayne & Colonel Lloydie - Kill A Sound for Me [Sudden Attack, 1993-4]

John Wayne & Colonel Lloydie – Kill A Sound Boy For Me [Sudden Attack, 1993-4]

John Wayne then cuts in with some abrasive DJing on a similar tip – “Any sound test my sound dem dead / Dem dead, dem, dead dem dead”. His delivery echoes his earlier version on Sleng Teng, “Call The Police” from 1985.

It’s a bit shouty, but the combination style works quite well together with colonel Lloydie’s Tenor Saw imitation. Still I can’t help feeling this doesn’t offer anything the Tenor Saw original doesn’t do better. Unless you’ve always wished that Saw had done Pumpkin Belly as a soundclash tune.

The version is a bit more interesting – it’s good a good, tight, minimal ragga feel to it and some interesting sounds bouncing around in there. The track was produced by Chris Meredith in 1993-4. It’s credited as mixed by Dr. Marshall, who mixes in small snippets of the different vocals on the riddim, giving a slightly more dubby feel than a straight up instrumental version.
John Wayne & Colonel Lloydie - Version [Sudden Attack, 1993-4]

Chris Meredith – Version [Sudden Attack, 1993-4]