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13. John Wayne & Colonel Lloydie – Kill A Sound For Me

Monday, September 9th, 2013

“This is a case of emergency” Colonel Lloydie says in a computer voice at the start of this track, before launching into a parody of Tenor Saw’s Pumpkin Belly, one of the most famous Sleng Teng versions – altering Tenor Saw’s memorable lyrics to “How dubplate war go a sound bwoy belly / Don’t ask me that ask my sound posse / From all over the country / Dem said Lord dem never know / Dem said Lord dem never know / That my sound a really bad sound”.

John Wayne & Colonel Lloydie - Kill A Sound for Me [Sudden Attack, 1993-4]

John Wayne & Colonel Lloydie – Kill A Sound Boy For Me [Sudden Attack, 1993-4]

John Wayne then cuts in with some abrasive DJing on a similar tip – “Any sound test my sound dem dead / Dem dead, dem, dead dem dead”. His delivery echoes his earlier version on Sleng Teng, “Call The Police” from 1985.

It’s a bit shouty, but the combination style works quite well together with colonel Lloydie’s Tenor Saw imitation. Still I can’t help feeling this doesn’t offer anything the Tenor Saw original doesn’t do better. Unless you’ve always wished that Saw had done Pumpkin Belly as a soundclash tune.

The version is a bit more interesting – it’s good a good, tight, minimal ragga feel to it and some interesting sounds bouncing around in there. The track was produced by Chris Meredith in 1993-4. It’s credited as mixed by Dr. Marshall, who mixes in small snippets of the different vocals on the riddim, giving a slightly more dubby feel than a straight up instrumental version.
John Wayne & Colonel Lloydie - Version [Sudden Attack, 1993-4]

Chris Meredith – Version [Sudden Attack, 1993-4]